Thursday, 28 May 2009

Movimento Pela Alexandra

(video in Russian)

This video is being discussed in Russian blogs now. It's sort of news report about the girl that had been taken care of in Portugal by a couple of local citizen while her biological mother somewhy was not concerned about her own daughter's fate, health and so on. Not long ago, the mother took girl by force (but fully according to law) into the hell of her native country. And now she beats her 6-years old daughter in sight of cameras telling that "she was spoiled by those Portugese", the girl is crying, and this all is shown on Russian TV in prime-time. "They returned home and lived a long and happy life"—that kind of news report, yeah.

Completely surrealistic video. I just can't understand... Are those "journalists" joking? Maybe that's some kind of "irony"? What's this all about?!

I'm singing a petition for little Sasha come back to Portugal.

Here is the English-version (Google-translated) of Movimento Pela Alexandra blog

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